Kaeris Crew

The next set of Malifaux miniatures hot off the painting table is Kaeris and her crew box.

First up is Kaeris herself, the new leader of the Arcanists (at least while Ramos is off taking his little vacation). Her wings didn’t turn out as well as I hoped. It’s not easy drybrushing orange over red. I’m OK with how they are now, but I may revisit this miniature if I find a way to blend the red into the orange better.

Next up is Kaeris’ little friend, the Eternal Flame.

Next up is Kaeris’ favourite little arsonist, the Firestarter.

The trio of fire Fire Gamin were very quick and simple to paint. The only problem i had was making it so the body and the flames looked different from each other but yet kept a similar colour scheme. The bodies look a bit flat, but I that’s just the camera washing out the colour.

And finally a pic of the entire crew.

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Crossroads Seven Pt. 2

Here’s the remaining four members of the Crossroads Seven, as well as a group shot of the entire band.

First up is Gluttony, the band’s drummer. The band on the hat was supposed to be the Gremlin faction colour, but it turned out more Resurrectionist. Not enough yellow in the green I think.

Next up is Lust on violin.

Greed is the first of two guitarists.

And Pride is the second guitarist

And here are all the band members together.

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Crossroads Seven Pt. 1

I’ve decided to finally get around to painting my Crossroads Seven miniatures. Here are the first three, plus something extra.

First up is the something extra, Witchling Handlers for Sonnia crews.

Next up is the first of the Crossroads Seven, the lead singer Wrath.

The next Crossroads Seven miniature is Envy, the band’s mechanical organ player

And finally we have the bass player, Sloth

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Ghosts and Ghost Hunters

The last of theĀ reinforcements for Lady J are now painted, as are some new additions to my Resurrectionists.

Exorcists have dedicated their lives to eradicating the scourge that is the Resurrectionist movement. Sometimes their accusations result in the deaths of living people, but what are a few innocent casualties when fighting such a righteous war.

Datsue Ba flay the skin from the sinful and summon seishin to help support their fellow spirits.

Spirits that have faded to near nonexistence, Seishin may not be the most powerful of spirits, but they still have their uses

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Callie and Lady J Reinforcements

Recently I finished painting up a miniature for a friend, as well as the first of some much needed reinforcements for my Lady Justice crew for Malifaux.


First up is Callie, a miniature I painted for a friend. It might require a few additional touch-ups, but overall i think it came out quite nicely.


Although usable in any Guild crew, thematically Executioners fit with Lady Justice, so I went with the black leather colour scheme I used for her crew.

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Grandma and the Cannibals

I’m continuing to work my way through the odds and ends of my Malifaux collection.


First up is the matriarch of the Ortega clan: Abuela.

December Acolytes

The December Acolytes are impressive models, both in appearance and in-game. The only thing I can’t figure out is why one of them (the middle one) has a wrist crossbow instead of a harpoon gun like she’s supposed to have.

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The Omega and the Alpha

Rogue Necromancy

The Rogue Necromancy was the last mini I painted in 2016. I decided to remove the silly “butt wings” and I think it looks so much better.


And Snow Storm is the first of many minis I plan on painting in 2017.

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